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Zastava M91: Serbia Modernizes its DMR to 7.62x54R

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After World War Two, Yugoslavia was left with a tremendous amount of German war material – enough that it cost to adopt the 8x57mm Mauser cartridge as its standard. The M76 precision rifle was developed for that cartridge, and saw substantial military use. By the 1980s, however, the decision was made to move to the Soviet 7.62x54R cartridge for machine guns and rifles like the M76 in the 1980s. The M91 was the result of a program to replace the M76 with a 7.62x54R chambered rifle, and it was adopted by the Serbian military as Yugoslavia broke up.

The original M91 rifles were made with milled receivers, as the M76 had been. This changed to a stamped receiver in 2012, and polymer furniture replaced wood. The rifle we are looking at today is a current-production M91 made at the Zastava factory in Serbia, and configured for commercial importation into the United States.

Thanks to Zastava USA for providing this rifle for filming!

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