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Zastava DMR Showdown: M76 vs M91 at the Range

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Edit: I said 100 yards in the video; this was all shot at 200 yards. Sorry!

Time to compare the Zastava over-sized AKs! Today I’m out at the range for a comparison shutoff between a Yugoslav M76 and a Serbian M91, both Kalashnikov-based DMRs made by the Zastava factory. The M76 is chambered for 8mm Mauser, with a pistol grip and a centerline scope. The M91 uses 7.62x54R ammunition, with a thumbhole stock and offset scope mount.

My conclusions? They both shoot the same. I like the handling of the M76 better, but as an American receiver kit-built, it just isn’t a reliable rifle. For something that can actually be counted on to run, the M91 is a much better choice.

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