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Project Best Millimeter: SIG/GrayGuns vs Hi-Point 10mm

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When I heard about Hi-Point releasing a 10mm pistol (the JXP 10), I knew I needed to do something fun with it. Hi-Point is often derided – and often for good reasons – but fundamentally the Hi-Point design does exactly what it is advertised to. It is a functional and extremely inexpensive pistol. The company has been making essentially the same gun for 25+ years, and they have build a very efficient manufacturing process that allows them to offer a gun that is safe and pretty reliable for a ridiculously low price point. Of course, it does sacrifice a lot of niceties in the process, but that is the tradeoff for the cost.

Anyway, the question for today is:

Who would win in a fight, one GrayGuns custom SIG P220 Elite or six Hi-Point JXP-10s? Let’s find out!

Test 1: Accuracy
Test 2: Reload speed
Test 3: Mud

Bruce Gray of GrayGuns provided the P220 Elite on loan; it has been returned to him. Hi-Point donated the six JXP 10s because let’s be honest, they can’t really be resold after that mud bath and the cost of shipping them back is more than their MSRP anyway. We have some ideas for fun future use of them…

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