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Book Review: The Great Remington 8, by John Henwood

I bought a Remington Model 8 a couple months back, and I’ve been remiss in not putting together a video on it – it’s a very neat rifle. Instead (for the time being), I figured I should talk about the Remington Model 8 book – because there really is only one. It’s The Great Remington 8, by John Henwood, and it’s pretty much the encyclopedia of the 8 and 81 (the 81 was really just a minor cosmetic overhaul of the Model 8).

As I said in the video, the $60 for the book (you can save a couple bucks on Amazon) will probably pay for itself with your first Model 8, or give you a great insight into to details of the rifle(s) you already have. Mine, for example, has a 5-screw pattern on the side of the receiver that was for a specific type of aftermarket scope mount, and it is one of a fairly small number of Model 8s chambered for .300 Savage – when Remington released the 81 in that caliber, they offered Model 8 owners the option of sending a rifle back to be rebarreled by the factory, since .300 Savage was a fairly popular round. Not things I would have known or recognized without Henwood’s book.

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