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Marko Vukovik’s Prototype Machine Pistol: the V.M.18

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Today we continue our series on the development of Croatian pistols towards the XD line. Last week we saw Marko Vukovic’s first design, and today we are looking at his second. This was the V.M.18, a step towards a more proven system instead of the really unusual flapper locking of the Kordun. The VM18 was heavily based on the Walther P38, but with a double-stack, double-feed magazine that held 18 rounds (of 9mm Parabellum). It also had a selective-fire switch, interestingly. This example is one of a first prototype series presented to the Yugoslav military for testing in 1987.

The VM18 was rejected by the military on account of its cost. Funds were limited and the M57 Tokarev filled the sidearm role well enough that a new pistol like Vukovic’s was not justified. So Vukovic put it on a shelf, and when Croatia delacred independence in 1991 he would bring it back to peoples’ attention. At that point it was much more favorably received, and would be the basis for the PHP – the First Croatian Pistol. But that is a story for next week…

Many thanks to HS Produkt for giving me access to prototypes like this one to film for posterity!

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