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Amsterdam Police Carbine: 8mm Mauser for the Carbine/SMG Squad

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In the wake of World War Two, much of Europe was awash in small arms – but there were still organizations looking to purchase new arms rather than use the available surplus. The Gemeentepolitie Amsterdam (Amsterdam Municipal Police), for example, formed a Submachine Gun and Carbine Brigade in 1948 to act as a response unit for situations beyond the scope of a typical police officer. They would use available British Sten guns for the SMG, but the only carbines readily available were leftover German K98ks. The Municipal Police opted instead to place an order for brand new carbines from FN. However, they only wanted 245, and FN was unwilling to make a special order for such a small quantity.

Instead, the Police piggybacked on a 1950 order for 20,000+ carbines by the Dutch East Indies Army. Two hundred additional guns were added for the Police, which differed only in their roll marks. These carbines were chambered for 8mm Mauser, with a “J” crest for Queen Juliana. They retained a bayonet lug, but bayonets were never used by the Police. They also retained the dual sling options form the East Indies pattern, but immediately upon receipt the Police armorers ground off the left-side wrist sling swivel, as it tended to interfere with a good shooting grip and was not necessary for municipal use. Many other Dutch law enforcement agencies also purchased Mausers around this time, but only 200 went to Amsterdam specifically.

Within only a few years, the use of carbines in 8mm Mauser began to be questioned. The recoil and muzzle blast form this cartridge in such a short barrel was punishing, and the municipal police really did not need such a powerful round for patrolling the city of Amsterdam (over penetration was a significant concern!). By 1965, all the police Mauser carbines were replaced with surplus American M1 Carbines, which were really far superior arms for the law enforcement role.

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