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RK95: Finland’s Ultimate AK

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Finland adopted the AK in 7.62x39mm after World War Two, and continues to use the AK to this day. The standard pattern RK62 was starting to fall a bit short, and so in the late 1980s a program was begun at Valmet to produce a modernized version for the Finnish Defense Forces. Valmet was acquired by Sako in 1987, and the program moved to Sako for completion. First prototypes were ready in 1990, and the rifles was adopted formally in 1995.

The RK95 has an improved folding stock, a new gas block with gas cutoff, muzzle device capable of launching rifle grenades, a simplified two-position aperture sight, and fittings for an optics rail on the side of its receiver. It retains the same 7.62x39mm cartridge as the RK62 rifles. Production ran from 1995 to 1998, with a total of 20,000 rifles made. These are sufficient to equip the active units of the FDF, and the war reserves consists of huge numbers of East German AKs purchased very cheaply.

Thanks to Sako for giving me access to film this example from their factory museum!

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