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Slow Motion: Gerät 06 (German WWII Prototype)

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Before the invention of the roller-delayed system which would become the H&K G3, Mauser engineers in late World War Two built a small number of prototype roller-locked, gas piston operated rifles in 8x33mm, designated the Gerät 06. This would be followed by the Gerät 06(H) for “half-locked”, which was the first of the delayed blowback designs. This first gas operated design is slightly heavier because if the inclusion of gas piston components, but otherwise nearly identical in handling to the 06(H).

Only a very few of these rifles were built experimentally by Mauser, and we are very lucky to have access to fire this top-quality reproduction. This video was actually filmed some time ago, and lost in my back catalog – oops!

For more information on these rifles and their development into the H&K series, please see my video “Last Ditch Innovation”: />
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