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Firearm Maintenance in the Old West

Firearm Maintenance in the 19th century and Red Dead Redemption 2

Thanks to Cliff Fendley for the Cheyenne holster pic:

Will Ghormley “Hand of God” holster pattern pack for 1911and SAA (and many other holsters):

Thanks to Dustin Winegar and Jed iTV for their helpful clips:
Dustin Winegar:
Jedi TV:

Thanks to Savage Discavage for the RDR2 cleaning clip:

Thanks to David Bresnick for the RDR2 shooting clip:

Rattlesnake Railroad  – Written and Performed by Brett Van Donsel  2015
Our friends and collaborators:

Trail Dust Town:

Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros:

Rick and Penny’s Place: Tucson Studios:

Batjac JW:

Jedi TV:

Dustin Winegar:

Ravenna Old and New West Vestures: http://ravennaoldwest.comRavenna commercial: Louis & Iron Mountain Railway:




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