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Gatling 1862

An animation of Richard Gatling’s first Battery gun, modeled from his 1862 patent. The original model fired the standard .58 paper cartridge used in American Civil War muzzle loading rifles. The paper cartridges were loaded into steel chambers, which were then picked up from a hopper by a shaped carrier. As the lock assembly rotates, a small ramp (green) at the rear of the casing pushes each lock forwards and this moves the steel chamber against the rear of the barrel. A firing hammer is cocked by an inclined cam (yellow) and released at the 12 o’clock position. Note later models of Gatling gun fire when the barrel is almost at its lowest position (7 o’clock). All of Gatling’s first models were destroyed in a fire at the Cincinnati Eagle Iron Works. He built a second batch. 12 were sold to General Butler, and saw limited use during the siege of Petersberg. The second batch of guns used a metallic cartridge loaded into the steel chamber. For more information on this animation, google for victorian ship models and anti torpedo boat guns.

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