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State of the Channel and Patreon Q&A, November 2020

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00:00 Title card
00:07 A cheesy duo, intro
01:08 Mrs BOTR appears (partially)
01:36 Cheers, and thank you, then State of the channel
09:08 “When will we see you with a Sauer 200 STR?”
10:12 “If you could keep one hand gun and one long gun from your collection, what would they be?”
14:00 “…any Carcarno videos on the horizon?”
15:09 “…chances we could get a Mad Minute with a Russian Contract Winchester 1895?”
16:36 “…caseless ammo…”
18:40 “Why are modern commercial cock-on-close actions so rare?”
20:47 “…is there a reason why BSA in its later commercial production, essentially switched to using Mauser-like actions..?”
25:25 “If you were to do another bolt action challenge, would you allow the Tikka T3x Arctic..?”
28:57 “What has been the greatest joy and the greatest channel for you as the channel has grown?”
33:26 “Ever think of doing a video with Edward Brodbeck?”
34:37 “How were sights calibrated on 19th/early 20th Century service rifles..?”
39:55 “What are the best diopter sights for a Lee Enfield No.4..?”
40:19 “What did the German Army consider important when fitting a military stock to the 98K?”
44:08 “What is your fondue recipe for tonight?”
44:39 “ as a follow on…What is your favourite fondue recipe?”
45:41 Effects of the latest EU rule changes on Swiss Firearm Legislation.
47:33 Was the 1917 / No 3 superior to the SMLE?
52:55 How many languages/dialects can you and your families speak?
59:08 Officer Training and Promotion in the Swiss Army
01.01:47 Any reviews of the American kit used by Royal Marine Commandos in the Korean War?
01.04:30 Preferred wine/fondue combination?
01.07:15 Why did you drop out of the WWII multi-contributor channel and will you do anything on Switzerland in WWII?
01.14:10 Recommendations on English language books on Swiss Military Guns?
01.15.00 What was the 41Swiss ammo imported into the USA in the 1880’s being used in?
01.18:55 Is there an old military rifle that deserves more love and attention than it already has?
01.25:10 Swiss military squad tactics during the World Wars and Cold War.
01.26.00 Discounting practicality, coolest pattern of webbing?
01.28:17 L1A1 100/300 shooting competitions. Worth it and what to worry about?
01.31:33 Zeroing rifles. From the bench or a more natural unsupported position?
01.34:23 Wrap up and thanks.


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