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Patreon Q&A, February 2020


Bloke and Chap answer questions from Patrons. Topics discussed:

0:59 – Vetterli modifications for smokeless & GP90
2:49 – What is an interesting skill you’ve picked up?
4:48 – The Chap’s French skills, nationalities & Swiss-German
8:35 – Will a straight-pull L1A1 be allowed in the next BOTR bolt action challenge?
10:34 – Why are revolver hammers larger than those on semi-autos?
12:18 – How do you actually use volley sights?
15:00 – Future firearm myths to be debunked
19:43 – Commercial ammunition manufacturers and 174gr FB bullets
23:20 – Bloke and Chap’s experience with Japanese bolt actions
24:50 – What were the limiting factors of early 20th century marksmen’s’ rifles?
31:50 – Do Bloke or Chap like gin?
33:08 – How many guns do each of you own and what are they?
33:45 – What if the British had adopted a rimless cartridge post-WWI?
39:08 – Thoughts on dry firing military bolt actions
41:12 – Good things you remember about UK target rifle?
43:10 – What are the best guns of the black powder era?
47:00 – What is a good GP11 approximation for reloading?
49:48 – Quality or matching serial numbers as a better indication of a rifle for target shooting
51:01 – What happened to Schützen in Switzerland?
53:41 – Reproduction bolt knobs for Swiss straight pulls & Sig 550 content
55:39 – Is there shotgun shooting in Switzerland?
57:30 – How do you reload for the Vetterli?
1:01:29 – What is your favorite type of competitive shooting and what do you find most challenging?
1:04:30 – Will you cover the South African take-down SMLE?
1:06:23 – What is considered the best Swiss chocolate?

Textbook of Small Arms 1904:
Hatcher’s Notebook:

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