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Q&A 19: Answers From The Boonies

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0:25 – FAMAS parts kits coming?

1:15 – Why heel magazine releases on European handguns?

3:07 – Are Continsouza Berthiers worth less than MAS and MAC ones?

5:10 – Having stronger FAMAS magazines made.

5:50 – Why were there M2 and M3 Carbines instead of M1A2 and M1A3 Carbines?

7:17 – What was my first parts kit build (and ARs don’t count)?

9:25 – Would the Pedersen Device have been as great in combat as the US Army hoped?

I highly recommend C&Rsenal’s video on this topic:

10:22 – Best firearm operating system for suppressing?

12:21 – Why not show clearing of the action in every video?

13:46 – Why should a new gun collector NEVER do?

17:21 – Have I encountered any haunted or possessed guns or locations?

18:18 – Why did militaries waste so much money on single shot and tube magazine rifles and then replace them so quickly?

20:45 – Why did simple-manufaxcture submachine guns take so long to appear?

23:46 – Was the MAB-15 ever an official French military service weapon?

24:17 – How often do I travel, and does it cause problems?

25:54 – Have I ever been to the WWI museum in Kansas City?

26:20 – Best setup Milsurp bolt gun for lefties?

28:20 – What semiauto pistol mechanism could have been as popular as Browning’s tilting barrel in an alternative timeline?

29:26 – Why do some countries ban possession of military caliber firearms?

30:47 What firearm was just a tweak away from greatness?

31:45 – Was the Lebel the single largest leap forward in small arms technology in history? If not, what else?

33:09 – What was the coolest pawn shop/small gunshop/etc find you ever had?

Berthier Cuirassier unboxing:
Scotti Model X:

34:31 – Can recoil energy be calculated, and do militaries try to calculate it?

Recoil energy calculator:

38:16 – Why are there not more military straight-pull rifles, or civilian semiauto conversions of bolt actions?

Bloke on the Range “mad minute” with a K31:

40:07 – Thoughts on inertial operation in rifles.

41:19 – Why did the Type 94 Nambu get such a poor reputation?

43:34 – Why is the Colt Python so great?

45:25 – Suppressed military firearms, and why aren’t there more of them?

48:20 – Best LMG the US could have used in WW2?

49:33 – Why was .30 Carbine made non-corrosive in WW2 but not .30-06?

50:10 – Thoughts on the M11/9 and Lage conversion uppers?

Testing the Lage Max 11/15:

53:29 – Guns I have that I can’t or won’t shoot?

55:08 – Can you collect brass at the 2-Gun matches, and do I use Berdan or steel cased ammo there because of it?

56:05 – Did Cobray ever make anything worthwhile? If so what? If not, what was the worst?

Cobray Terminator:

57:00 – How to find provenance on specific collectible rifles?

58:19 – Is there a firearm that have you really wanted to own or video that you have not been able to?

58:47 – Were there any wartime rifle simplifications that were actually beneficial?

59:58 – Is the .300 Blackout the answer to 7.62x39mm?

1:00:46 – What would my ideal rifle be, and do I already have it?

1:01:18 – If Germany had not reunified, would the H&K G11 have been perfected and adopted?

1:01:55 – The Mauser 71/84 and Lebel seem very similar – is the Lebel actually better and why?

1:02:31 – Best all-around bolt action rifle form both World Wars?

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