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World War One Q&A with Othais from C&Rsenal

Today I have made the trek to the C&Rsenal studio to have a Q&A with Othais. Not familiar with his channel? It is a wonderfully in-depth look at firearms history, development, and use focusing on the weapons of World War One. Check it out here:

And if you are looking for someone to support directly, I can think of few who are more deserving and who work harder than Othais, Mae, and the whole crew behind the scenes of C&Rsenal. I support them, and you should too:

We would also like to thank Andrew at Archival Research Group for assistance finding great information in the US national archives:

And last but not least, thanks to Cam and Alex for the t-shirts!

Our questions today are:

0:06:22 – Why was the Madsen not used more in WW1?
0:08:10 – How would the Pedersen Device has fared in combat?
0:12:12 – Trench shotguns in WW1
0:14:53 – Ammunition for black powder rifles in WW1
0:17:56 – Why did integral rifle grenade launchers take so long to develop?
0:20:39 – How were territorial armies supplied with arms?
0:24:12 – Cut down rifles and “Obrez” pistols
0:29:00 – What changes would the 1919 secret weapons have brought to the war?
0:33:51 – Practicality of the semiauto rifles available in 1914/5?
0:38:04 – Scarcity of Austrian M95 rifles on the surplus market
0:41:17 – Best rifle for the Entente to standardize on?
0:44:21 – Captured rifles being rechamsbered for different cartridges
0:47:41 – Intermediate cartridge development in WW1
0:48:56 – Was the Winchester 1907/1910 an assault rifle?
0:51:26 – Why not more 10-round or larger magazines?
0:54:10 – Was the SMLE issued with spare magazines?
0:56:35 – What did the British do with their Arisakas?
0:58:12 – Popular field modifications of rifles
1:02:55 – Firearms design lessons of WW1
1:05:13 – Favorite WW1 carbine?
1:07:28 – Favorite WW1 “Forgotten” weapon?

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