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BotR Bolt Action Challenge: Thun, 2 November 2019



We’re hosting an open bolt-action rifle competition on Saturday 2 November 2019, at Guntelsey, Thun, Switzerland. E-mail if you want to compete. We can loan rifles if needed.

Open to any Swiss or non-Swiss military bolt-action rifle up to 8mm calibre, bare-bones. Nothing fancy. A celebration of old-school service shooting with a bog standard infantry rifle, with both Swiss and British influences.

Course of fire is:
100m: 2 sighters, then 10 rounds in 1 minute with a compulsory reload of at least 5 rounds (so 5+5 or 4+6). Prone unsupported, no sling. B5 Pistol target.
200m: 10 rounds in 1 minute, compulsory reload as before. Prone unsupported, sling allowed. No sighters. B5 pistol target.
300m: 3 individually scored shots, then 3 shots in 30 seconds as a series, and then 6 shots in 1 minute starting with 1 round loaded, as a series. Prone rested, sling-supported or free. B4 target; series signalled at the end of each.

Full info here in English:

And in German:

And in French:

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