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Moons Out Goons Out 2024 Overview: Yeah, I Ran a Hi-Point

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Last weekend we ran Moons Out Goons Out 2024, a night rifle match presented by Tactical Night Vision Company at the Echo Valley Training Center. The match was a fantastic success, and I figured I’d give you some overview takeaways to the whole event before posting my complete stages runs later this week. I did run the match twice, once in Active division with a Hi-Point carbine and BE Meyers MAWL IR laser module and once in Passive division with a prototype Q Boombox and an AGM Clarion thermal scope. By doing it in that way, I managed to handicap both my runs, and did…not very well.

Thanks to our awesome match sponsors! Thanks to them, we were able to make this a great event with an outstanding prize table:
AGM Global Vision
BE Meyers
Gorilla Ammunition
Refuge Medical
T-Rex Arms
Virginia Citizens Armory

For more match coverage, you can check out these videos from other channels:

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