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Calico Reliability Testing: Round 3!

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When I ran my Calico carbine through the PCC course of fire last month, I was rather surprised to see it run through 150 rounds without any malfunctions. I plan to continue shooting it without any cleaning or lubrication, to see how long it will go before it stops working. In. follow-up range trip, it ran another 100 round drum flawlessly.

Today, it went about 50 rounds on the third drum before suffering a failure to fire. I was able to finish the drum, but not without several more malfunctions. That means that it ran in total, about 300 rounds without any problems. I suspect the problem now is that rather filthy state of the action. So next, I will give it a nice thorough cleaning and take it back to see if that brings it back to reliability.

To be continued…

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