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Cabin Fever Challenge 2024: Division 6 (50m .22lr Smallbore)

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The lads have a go at Division 6 of the Cabin Fever Challenge 2024, a celebration of traditional musketry run by @Riflechair in Canada. Full details here:

Basically the deal is, in this order: 5 shots standing – compulsory reload (no leaving one in the chamber) – 5 shots kneeling – compulsory reload – 5 shots prone – compulsory reload – 5 shots sitting, on a 4″ target at 50m, timed from the first to the last shot. Score is 100x(hits x 5)/time.

Bloke is shooting a Nordic Components 16″ AR-22 upper with a Tandemkross Pro compensator on it, on a KP-15 lower with KP Rekluse 4.5lb trigger. Scope is a Primary Arms SLx 1-6 LPVO set at 4x, with a Triggercam 2.1 taking footage through the scope. And it’s a good thing that he had the scope camera!!!

Chap is shooting a French (natch) Unique X51bis with iron sights for hard mode.

0:00 Introduction and Overview of the Cabin Fever Challenge
2:08 Mike and Fabien’s Rifles for the Challenge
3:52 Shooting Setup and Rules Explanation
4:50 Fabien’s Shooting Performance
8:31 Mike’s Shooting Performance
13:15 Analysis and Discussion on Shooting Habits
16:36 Acknowledgement of Richard’s Contribution
17:34 Detailed Analysis of Mike’s Double Shot
18:09 Conclusion and Call to Support the Channel
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