Q&A #46: Scotland, .30 Carbine, and Mauser (w/ Mauro Baudino)



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0:00:47 – What happened to the “Worst AK I’ve Ever Seen”?
0:02:23 – My filming logistics
0:06:47 – PDW vs SMG?
0:08:54 – Do I still do gunsmithing and restoration?
0:10:29 – Did France ever make a 9mm FAMAS?
0:12:09 – What would I do to make a modernized M1 Carbine?
0:14:24 – Did the British consider making an 8mm Mauser No4 rifle?
0:17:26 – Could there be a mini-M1 akin to the Mini-14?
0:18:34 – Did Mauser and others have in-house translators? (Guest answer by Mauro Baudino or the Paul Mauser Archive)

0:26:42 – Soviet Bloc vs Finnish/Israeli AKs?
0:28:29 – Unicorn manual to put on the Forgotten Weapons Archive?
0:29:28 – Gun with the shortest time of concept to production?
0:30:42 – Grip-safety-like fire control lever?
0:31:58 – Potential hazards of chamber flags at the range
0:33:26 – Details of my Scottish ancestry
0:35:47 – Would it be possible to make an effective .30 cal pistol cartridge using modern bullet technology?
0:38:12 – Worst military-issued optics
Martin sights on the SMLE: https://youtu.be/c5f–O2UQNc

0:40:56 – Thoughts on Othais’ PCSC?

0:42:14 – Could the .30 Carbine be a good modern PCC cartridge?
0:45:27 – Visiting the SIG factory museum in Switzerland?
You can order the Vickers Guide SIG Sauer Volume 1 here: https://www.vickersguide.com/sigvol1

0:48:42 – How would the StG-44 change with a proper development cycle?
0:52:59 – Adventurer’s gear, late 1930s
0:59:38 – Most fun gun to modify?
1:00:42 – How do newly-formed countries purchase arms?
1:02:55 – Long sight radius for better accuracy
1:05:35 – Why are there many 6.5mm rifle rounds, but not 6.5mm pistol rounds?
1:09:10 – Pros/cons of ballistic testing media like gel and clay?

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