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3D-Printed Walker Defense Research NERO 9 PCC Compensator on CMMG Delayed Blowback AR15 Upper

While looking for a muzzle brake / compensator for my 9mm CMMG radial / rotary delayed blowback PCC AR15 upper (paired with a WWSD 2020 lower from KE Arms), I decided to go hard or go home and get the Nordic walking pole tip looking Walker Defense Research WDR NERO-9 compensator.

This is 3D printed from Inconel, a modern aerospace superalloy, with no expense spared and a completely unique design from the ground up!

Also includes a bit of nerdery on what muzzle brakes / compensators do.

00:01 Explanation of recoil and muzzle brakes / compensators
10:29 Description of the NERO brake
15:55 Range test on the static range
17:35 Competition performance discussion


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