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Announcing What Would Stoner Do 2020!

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I’m excited to announce the launch of WWSD2020 – What Would Stoner Do? This is a project that my partner Karl Kasarda and I began several years ago in response to the trend towards heavy AR rifles. Eugene Stoner’s original work was based on the idea of using the most modern materials to build a light and handy rifle, and we wanted to reinvigorate that combination 60 years later.

The that end, we chose a selection of components using materials like carbon fiber and polymer, and modern heat treating techniques that eliminate the problems that very light pencil-profile barrels suffered in Stoner’s day. The result was a fantastic light, handy, reliable and accurate carbine that quickly became my go-to favorite rifle for practical and competitive shooting.

Today, we are excited to announce that in cooperation with KE Arms and Brownells, we are introducing WWSD2020. KE Arms is putting a new polymer lower receiver into production to fill the void left by other manufacturers, and Brownells will be the exclusive seller of the complete WWSD2020 rifle. So no more searching for a variety of out-of-production parts and compromising on substitutes – the whole thing will be available as a complete package.

Stay tuned to InRangeTV and Brownells for continuing content about the design and its production. Note that some of our upcoming video is not permitted by YouTube’s rules, and will instead be hosted directly by Brownells – your one-stop source for all everything WWSD!

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