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Announcing Headstamp Publishing!

I am very excited to announce Headstamp Publishing! This is a small arms and military technology focussed publishing company I have founded with my friends and collaborators Nic Jenzen-Jones and James Rupley. Between us, we have experience throughout the complete process of turning historical research into beautiful print books. Our first printing will be my own book on French military rifles, and we have two more books in the works – one on British bullpup rifles and one on the history of the Kabul Arsenal.

We are making small arms book that are as much works of art as they are works of scholarship, with magnificent photography, thoughtful layout, and world class editing and research. If you are a collector, historian, or enthusiast you have some really fantastic titles to look forward to…and if you have been considering writing a book yourself, we would like to work with you to make it *the* definitive book on its subject, against which all others will be judged. Either way, check us out at and sign up for our email notification list for special offers and breaking news!

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