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Semiauto PM-63C “Rak” at the BUG Match (It’s Technically a Backup Gun…)

Edit: I placed 8th out of 44 total. 🙂

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I recently picked up one of the Pioneer Arms semiauto PM-63C pistols that are sporadically available here in the US. They have a pretty mediocre reputation and I wasn’t expecting much, but the gun is so unusual that I really must have one myself (and the likelihood of me getting an original PM63 machine pistol is basically nil). On my initial test trip to the range, though, it actually ran almost flawlessly, and the sights were well-zeroed to boot! So, I took it to this month’s BackUp Gun match (technically it’s a backup gun, just backup for an IFV, not a service pistol…). Lo and behold, it did quite well.

I will be turning this into an SBR with a working stock and front grip as soon as my Form 1 is approved, and I look forward to running it in another match at that point, as a PCC…

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