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L2A2 SUIT 4x Sight Followup: Fails On The Range And Is Replaced With Primary Arms SLx 3

@9HoleReviews BotR L2A2 SUIT Collab video here:

In a followup to an earlier video, Bloke takes his 7.62mm L1A1 SLR to the range with his L2A2 SUIT (Sight Unit, Infantry, Trilux) on it in order to demonstrate how it makes the rifle group worse and doesn’t hold zero.

In the process, it self-destructed and gave him a nice Glasgow kiss, which will result in a second scoping scar, the first having been received in the 1990’s.

So that settles definitively the question that he will be taking a Primary Arms SLx 3 3x microprism on a DS Arms bolt-on rail to Finnish Brutality 2023!


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