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Interview w/ Biofire’s Lead Designer: Features and Reliability

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When I visited Biofire, I was able to spend several hours discussing the history of the gun with its creator, lead designer, and lead engineer. We also completely stripped one of the guns down to its component circuit boards and pins – but much of this information is still under NDA until the guns are available commercially. But I did take some time to speak on camera with Bryan Rogers, who is the lead designer (and the first employee hired by the company’s founder).

One of the things that I think really separates Biofire from the other smart guns that have been attempted is the amount of time they spent studying what would actually make a useful biometric pistol. For several years they did conceptual research and interviews, and hands-on testing with a wide variety of potential users, with an early proof of concept gun based on a SIG P320 FCU. Rather than make their own assumptions about what people would be interested in, they went out and found people who wanted a gun for self-defense but had not bought one. The configuration and features of the final Biofire pistol reflect this research, and I think it’s a really interesting story.

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