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Luxembourg Model 1884 Gendarmerie Nagant

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The military of Luxembourg chose to purchase Nagant revolvers in the 1880s, and they got three different models. The most interesting of these was the Model 1884 for the Gendarmerie, which was chambered for the black powder 9.4x22mm cartridge and fitted with a long barrel so it could mount a tiny little spike bayonet. Curiously, the Army purchases were all chambered for the newer 7.5mm cartridge, the same as the Swedish Model 1887 Nagant revolvers. At any rate, the best number I can find for production of this Gendarmerie pattens is a mere 190 – which makes sense given that the Luxembourg Gendarmerie at the time only numbered about 250 men.

Mechanically, this pattern shows an interesting middle ground between the Belgian 1878, 1883, and 1886 models, with the simplified clockwork of the 1886 but some of the fancy features of the 1878 like the cylinder axis pin locking catch.

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