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GWACS vs KE Arms Update: Approaching Endgame

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We are approaching the end of the interminably long lawsuit between GWACS and KE Arms. A few weeks ago, the judge presiding over the case threw out most of GWACS’ complaints, and released all but one of the defendants. So now Brownells, Shawn Nealon, Russell Phagan, and Sinistral Shooting Technologies have all been released from the suit, which is great news. The only remaining defendant is KE Arms, and the only remaining complaints being considered are related to alleged NDA violations.

Unfortunately, because there are remaining complaints, there will still be a trial, and KE will continue to rack up legal fees to pay for it. If you would like to help, the best way is via KP15 and KP9 receivers – all revenue coming into the company is going to the legal defense.

The trial is scheduled for May 15, and hopefully the next update I have for you will be shortly after that, announcing GWACS’ crushing defeat – thanks to everyone for your ongoing support for KE in this!

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