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Colt New Line Revolvers from the Centennial Exposition

A worlds fair was THE event of its day. It was the CES, NRA Show, E3, and the Detroit Auto Show all rolled into one massive, multi-month event. It was a fantastic opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs alike to showcase their finest wares and newest innovations to millions of attendees. Needless to say, manufacturers like Colt showcased their very finest.

The three Colt New Line revolvers shown here were part of Colt’s elaborate display at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Part of the now famous “wheel” display, a large circular arrangement of hundreds of Colts, all pointing inward like the spokes of a wheel. These factory engraved, gold-silver plated, and pearl gripped revolvers were admired by millions.

Don & Carol Wilkerson were a husband-wife team made up of the type of people who keep collecting alive. Don himself authored ten books on Colts and related matter, two of which are considered the standard for their subjects. When Don passed over 20 years ago, his wife Carol not only kept his collection in tact, but built on it was active in the Colt Collectors Association, wrote her own articles, and was deeply involved with the Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation. It’s our privilege to handle their well-curated collection.

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