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Embrace the Suck: Finnish Brutality 2022 Day 1 @Varusteleka @InRangeTV

Bloke and Chap went to Finnish Brutality 2022. This is Day 1. Bloke’s suck was increased massively by running Recon Division, which was the full 12kg of kit TST setup with the added bonus of a 3.3km run after every stage. He was glad for his sub-3kg #wwsd2020 rifle in .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO and 9mm Glock 17. Some of the targets were very small, and he was also glad for his Holosun 503 and 3x magnifier.

Chappie is, as usual, Frenched-up with a FAMAS F1 and a much more sensible pistol this time, also a Glauque 17, but with a gamer trigger unit from Timney in it. Sensibly, he ran high speed low drag in Open Division.

Also featuring: @Forgotten Weapons @Varusteleka @Polenar Tactical @Firepower United


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