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The Most 80s Gun Ever: COP 357 at the Backup Gun Match

Get your righteous sleeveless hoodie here:

The C.O.P. (Compact Offduty Police) .357 was designed by Robert Hillberg, patented in 1983, and manufactured by COP Inc in California. It’s a stainless steel, 4-barrel, .357 Magnum derringer. It’s also an awful pistol to shoot. The trigger is one of the worst I’ve ever felt, recoil is sharp (although much more pleasant with .38 Special ammunition), and the barrels don’t really shoot to the same point of aim…which is a bit tricky to find with the sights anyway.

Naturally, this struck me as a perfect pistol to take to our local Backup Gun Match…and a perfect excuse to break out the headband and sleeveless hoodie!

Forgotten Weapons
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Tucson, AZ 85740

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