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Floatplane: An Alternative to YouTube and Patreon

You can now subscribe to Forgotten Weapons on Floatplane:

Floatplane is a new independent video hosting platform designed to be both video host and income source for content creators – in effect, Patreon and YouTube in one package. It is not intended to replace YouTube’s variety of content, but rather to act as a source for specific discreet channels. There is no advertising, and no algorithmic video discovery on Floatplane. Videos are available for both streaming and download through a couple different subscription plans.

Please note that this will not replace either YouTube or Patreon for me – both of those sites provide significant, valuable services. I will continue to post all my completely free and public content on YouTube. Floatplane is simply a way to avoid having all my eggs in one basket in case something catastrophic happens to YouTube or Patreon.

You can see Floatplane described by its creators here:

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