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Q&A 61: Talking Guns with Polenar Tactical

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00:00:32 – What is the “elevator pitch” for Polenar Tactical?
00:02:26 – How did you get your channel name?
00:04:49 – What are the Slovenian gun laws like?
00:07:11 – How do EU rules impact an individual country’s laws?
00:11:37 – What do you think will be the most prevalent rifle and cartridge to spring up for civil defense in Eastern Europe?
00:16:43 – What rifle to replace the SIG 550 for Swiss service?
00:19:11 – With the US Army moving toward the 277 Fury, what will NATO countries do?
00:29:19 – Optics and other accessories price and availability in eastern Europe?
00:35:38 – How has the war in Ukraine affected the availability of firearms accessories and gear? Also, have any fighters reached out to you for tips and training or equipment procurement?
00:38:13 – What were the reasons for allowing civilian suppressor use in Slovenia?
00:44:36 – What was the development process for Grip Clamp C ™?
00:45:22 – What’s the story with that warehouse with the tires on the walls where you do many of Polenar’s vids?
00:48:38 – If you could only have one gun…
00:50:49 – How has the transition to western-style and caliber firearms gone for countries transitioning from the Warsaw block to NATO?
00:58:36 – What are the tactical advantages of track suits for AK operation?
01:00:07 – If you had to live in another European country what would it be and why?
01:01:45 – What is your guess on future firearm related law development in Europe?
01:05:39 – What is the most Slavic drink you are going to make Ian drink?
01:07:23 – What is the best Slovenian fruit brandy? Apricot, pear, plum, etc?
01:09:17 – AK vs AR in Slovenia?

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