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Both Versions of the CETME LV: Enosa and SUSAT

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The Spanish military used the CETME-L rifle as its standard rifle in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition to the standard model, they also had two versions of marksman’s CETME-Ls. These were designated the LV (“V” for “visor”, or scope). The Army used a domestic 4x scope of tradition design made by ENOSA (Empresa Nacional de Óptica S.A.; National Optics Factory). The Marines used the British SUSAT 4x optic. The two versions of the rifle for these optics each had different rear sight blocks for mounting; one a STANG compatible type with backup iron sights and one a simple dovetail rail. Today we are looking at examples of each.

Thanks to MarColMar Firearms for loaning me the SUSAT model for this video!

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