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2-Gun With New US Army Weapons: SIG Spear and M17

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Yesterday we looked at the new SIG Spear/M5 in detail, and today I’m taking it out to a 2-Gun match to try on the clock. The most suitable pistol pairing would naturally be the other recently-adopted new US Army weapon, the M17 pistol (in this case, a commercial M17).

The Spear/M5 is a really great rifle to shoot. It’s soft-shooting (granted, with the down-loaded training ammo) and very accurate. The suppressor is effective and doesn’t cause any gas blowback into my face whatsoever. That said, it is also both heavy and specifically front heavy. Is it the right choice for today’s US Army? I don’t know; time will tell. Personally, I think I can say I would rather have the M5 than an HK 416…but I’d rather have a modernized (lightweight) M16A1 than either of them.

As for the M17, my troubles hitting with it were me, not the pistol. The pistol shooting requirements in this match were particularly challenging, and I wasn’t quite up to them. The repeated failures to go fully into battery were annoying, though.

Thanks to Illumined Arms for the loan of the rifle!

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