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Four Annoying Gun Myths – with Bloke on the Range

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I had a chance to meet up with Bloke on the Range in Switzerland, and we decided to spend some time discussing a few of the myths that have managed to get themselves solidly affixed in the beliefs of the shooting and collecting community. Where did they come from, and can we maybe refute them?

While one video surely won’t make these myths go away, but hopefully we can give you some interesting information on them that you didn’t know before! The Bloke thoughtfully put together this index of the discussion:

1:33 Topic 1: M1 Garand Ping
6:49 Roy Dunlap: Patient Zero
7:42 M1’s and BAR’s in the jungle with corrosive ammo
9:40 The earliest known written reference to the Ping myth
10:09 Aberdeen and plastic clips? Nope.
11:17 By Korea the US military knew about the myth: lessons learned
12:31 Lindybeige cameo!
13:30 Noisy M1 safety catches

16:04 Topic 2: BREN too accurate
17:52 What the British BREN training was aiming for
18:22 Digression on use of equipment, doctrine and manuals
20:02 Back to the point on cones of fire
23:06 Oh no! Dunlap again!
24:57 Dunlap’s cool anecdotes
27:14 More Whisky…
28:41 Doctrine on holding the BREN to get accuracy

31:29 Topic 3: Unrealistic WW2 bolt action accuracy
33:48 Some notes on normal 20:20 vision and seeing things to hit them
37:48 Cost effectiveness vs accuracy; timber
39:47 Lee-Enfield accuracy standards, sniper rifles
42:10 Free-floated No.4’s as a wartime emergency measure; Lend-Lease
43:27 Soldiers prohibited from taking rifles out of their wood
44:41 Summary of the point: accuracy of rifles and skill level of soldiers
47:44 Points about early adoptions of Maxim guns
49:12 Ammunition available for training pre-WW1
50:16 Some points on WW2 German ammo allowances and training
52:12 German 300m Gew 98 accuracy standard
54:30 Bringing the previous point back to sniper rifles

58:40 Topic 4: Mythical versions of the “Mad Minute”
59:06 Shout out to Rob of Britishmuzzleloaders
1:00:07 The various tame-ish versions of the myth
1:02:30 The version Ian sees a lot
1:03:10 Snoxall and Wallingford’s records
1:04:06 What the reality seems to have been
1:04:44 How this kind of thing gets inflated
1:07:02 German “rapid fire” exercises for WW2

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