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Q&A #8: Triple Locks, New gun development, and the .50 Cal Lewis Gun

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The tools I mention in today’s second question are these:

Screwdriver set:
Punch set:
Bore gauge:

0:51 – What is the S&W “Triple Lock”?
4:13 – Tools for shooting and working on guns
6:48 – Making the HAC-7 a viable commercial rifle today
11:45 – Gun collection preservation
14:05 – Why the RPK in favor of the RPD, and how about the M27 IAR?
17:46 – US slow adoption of new arms technology
20:51 – Gun culture in Europe
23:22 – What is my process and schedule at auction houses?
28:20 – How will drones affect the Second Amendment?
30:17 – Do I like Arizona?
31:05 – Stocked pistols besides the Luger, C96, and Hi Power?
33:17 – Logistics of officers supplying their own pistols
37:01 – Pistols using Mannlicher-style clips?
38:27 – Was there a .50-cal Bren or Lewis?
40:18 – Post-WWII gun production in Germany and Japan
42:30 – Why top-mounted magazines in guns like the Bren and Nambu?
45:46 – Cristobal carbines

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