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I qualified EXPERT…. what does that mean? [Feat. Bloke On The Range]

Range week and the rifle qualification are the cornerstone of any Soldier or Marine’s indoctrination.

This is vital to train service members to proficiently operate their main weapon system, but more importantly to have the confidence in engaging an enemy at distance with the same rifle that they will eat, sleep, carry, and grow comfortable with.

INDOCTRINATION is the key word here. It is extremely valuable for a military commander to have a force believing that they can neutralize targets well outside of a weapon system’s capabilities; remember close hits still suppress an enemy for a friendly unit’s maneuver… but what happens when this indoctrination goes into the civilian world, where it has less useful application? How relevant is the indoctrination and subsequent qualification process?

None of this is to suggest that the accomplishment of expert qualification or the ability to connect on targets at 500 yards with iron sights is something to scoff at. These are extremely relevant proficiency standards. But to reiterate, everything must be kept in context as we continue to explore the effectiveness and capabilities of the various firearms and cartridges we test on this show.

***YES WE KNOW THE USMC USES THE SCORING SYSTEM*** hits on the paper in white = 2 points leading to 5 points if you hit in black. The 500y portion is scored 10 shots in 10 minutes for 50 points of the 250 points overall. Which means if you only hit white for all the 500y shots, technically you can still make “expert” (220/250) if you do well on the 200-300y portion.

For your convenience, you can just copy and paste these links to respond to anyone with our video (especially useful for influencers who have to respond a million of the same messages along these lines). We look forward to the ensuing energetic conversation.

–“Back in the day, we used to hit 500 yard targets with iron sights all day.” -USMC
Target size matters:
SF units don’t care about making a 500y hit with iron sights on a jeep-sized target:

–“I qualified expert in the Army” -US Army
This is the size of your target:
I hope you didn’t mean ALT-C:
SF units don’t care about basic rifle qual:

–“I could hit 900yard with an SLR/L1A1, 9/10 shots. All day.” -Brit. Army/ Royal Marines
BOTR Response:

–“The M16A1 had low light sights, not two-position (long range) sights” -U.S. Mil

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