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Checking Ammo in my Finnish M39 Mosin for Finnish Brutality

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Finnish Brutality 2021 is going to be a tough match in the best case. But I will be running it in a 1940 uniform, with a Mosin. A Finnish M39 Mosin, sure, but still a Mosin. That means that I have a lot of things already working against me, and the last thing I want is to have the rifle not shooting to point of aim on top of everything else. So today I’m taking my M39 out to the range to test out a variety of ammunition.

The M39 sights are nicely adjustable for windage, but elevation is a fixed scale – so I need to find a brand/loading that hits at the 150m battle sight setting without needing to hold over or under. The Finns used a 200 grain projectile, so I dug up several loading around that weight – 200gr Wolf, 204 gr mystery ammo, and 206gr Bernaul. Then I also brought some Czech 148gr light ball, Wolf 174 gr, and lastly PPU 182 gr “Match”.

Rather to my surprise, the PPU was dead on, as was the Czech 148gr ball. The PPU also made the best groups, and didn’t cause any sticking go the bolt (which the Czech ammo did). So, that’s what I will be planning to source for the match!

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