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Scenario Brief [Arctic Patrol] Finnish M39 vs. German Kar98k + Zf.41 (Pick One Ep.2)

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*Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons will participate in our live discussion for this episode*

⚔️SCENARIO⚔️:December 1942 [about 150km west of] Belomorsk, USSR… You are a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol leader (Finnish Army Sergeant) deep behind Soviet lines to observe Soviet partisan brigades movement and units who have been harassing Finnish military lines and attacks on Finnish civilians.

Unfortunately, you came under an ambush. Your patrol fought fiercely but the entire squad except for you are KIA.

You wake up from being knocked unconscious with no visible wounds. Your squad’s radio was badly damaged, and your issued Suomi M31 SMG also took a round in the action and is inoperable. You canvas the ambush kill zone for supplies, but see that the partisans had withdrawn with their fallen, and presumably will return with reinforcements as the nearest township is 4km away.

You now have to clear 30km/19mi on ski to return to the Finnish lines for safety and report the engagement. In your immediate location, you gather all ID tags, maps and friendly intelligence, but before you leave, you have an option of carrying one of two options of rifles:

? [option 1] An M39 from the assistant patrol leader… You will need an extra 10-15 minutes to gather ammunition form your perished squadmates.

? [option 2] a Kar98k + Zf41 that the radioman borrowed from a Wehrmacht Gebirgsjäger before the mission started. Since he was the first soldier killed, his bandolier has a full combat load with all rounds present. *Note that this was a factory zeroed Zf41.

Hurry, time is of the essence, you are unsure of how long you have been knocked unconscious.

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