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Q&A 40: Ian Sabotages the Elbonian Army and Throws Shade on the Taurus Judge

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Time for another month Q&A! Thanks as always to the awesome folks on Patreon who make Forgotten Weapons possible – our questions come from their submissions each month. This time we have:

00:35 – Why are reliable magazines so hard?
05:07 – Why didn’t Finland buy surplus American Mosin Nagant rifles?
09:15 – Where does the Hollywood ricochet sound come from?
10:17 – Why was sporterizing popular and why isn’t it anymore?
12:59 – What has been my most difficult gun to get working?
15:16 – What advantages do rifle grenades have over under barrel grenade launchers?
17:21 – Thoughts on electronic trigger mechanisms
20:48 – Opinion on the 10mm Auto cartridge
22:39 – Parts kit builds I have done
25:21 – What if Britain adopted a rimless .303 round
27:16 – Why do some handguns have magazines that are 80% compatible?
28:57 – Biggest infantry rifle cartridge ever issued?
31:36 – Military use of obscure cartridges like 5.7×28 and 4.6×30
34:21 – Mechanically unusual vs historical provenance
35:48 – Gun books in non-English languages
38:34 – Have I consulted for media work?
39:39 – Opinion on Islay Scotch
41:18 – Why did the MIL Thunder 5 fail but the Taurus Judge thrive?
44:34 – Is it worth buying a MAS-35 pistol now?
45:42 – How will the pandemic impact gun prices long term?
48:59 – What guns get faked?
53:02 – Is the Meunier A6 better than the RSC-1917?
54:23 – What are the worst guns for a new country in 1945?

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