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The Mandalorian Carries an 1894 Bergmann No.1

The new Star Wars TV series “The Mandalorian” does, in fact, feature a sidearm based on the Bergmann No1 / 1894 semiauto pistol. These are extremely rare today (probably only 5 or 6 still exist), and I am quite sure the prop was built from scratch and is not an actual original gun. However, the prop designers made a great choice, in my opinion. The very first Bergmann automatics were magnificent looking guns, and they fit right into the Star Wars film universe – where from the very beginning the weapons have been basically really military arms with sci-fi bits glued on. I plan to do a video later discussing the prop guns from the original three Star Wars films, but this appearance of something as cool as the Bergmann forced my hand…

For the record, no – I had nothing to do with the design or choice of the gun.

Full video on the Bergmann:

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