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CETME Modelo A: First Step Towards the G3

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The Modelo A was the first series production version of the CETME rifle, following a series of successful trials in Spain. It was developed by a team of ex-Mauser engineers led by Ludwig Vorgrimmler, and is part of the link between the late-WW2 StG45(M) and the H&K G3 rifles.

The CETME A was chambered for the reduced-power 7.62mm CETME cartridge, and had a fire control system which fired from an open bolt in full auto and a closed bolt in semiautomatic. It has a buttstock design reminiscent of the German Strumgewehr, and uses a folding bipod in lieu of a proper hand guard over the barrel. In addition, it still uses a tangent leaf rear sight, unlike the later Modelo C and G3 rifles.

There is an interesting anecdote about interdicted CETME A rifles being used by French marine commandos in Algeria, which you can read about here:

Many thanks to Movie Armaments Group in Toronto for the opportunity to showcase their CETME-A for you! Check them out on Instagram to see many of the guns in their extensive collection:

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