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Military SIG P-49 Variations

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When looking at P-49 (aka SIG 210) pistols used by the Swiss military, there are five distinct groups, with different characteristics. Today we will be showing you these differences, as well as a few features of the Swiss military holster for the P49. For reference:

Type 1: 100001-103200
High polish blue, checkered slide release, wood grips, smooth safety lever, no halfcock notch (most retrofitted), mag body in the white. First batch delivered to Army.

Type 2: 103201 – 107210
Blued magazines, no halfcock (most retrofitted) . Otherwise same as Type 1. Second batch delivered to Army.

Type 3: 107211-109710
All with halfcock notch, otherwise same as Type 1. Third batch delivered to Army.

Type 4 (aka Transitional): 109711-120500
Black plastic grips, matte blue finish (different tone between slide and frame), checked slide stop, serrated safety, separate grip escutcheons, matte blue or high polish blue magazine.

Type 5: 120501-213110
All matte blue magazine, serrated slide stop, integral grip escutcheons, otherwise same as Type 4.

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