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Are indian replicas safe to shoot?

Hello Shooters,

I just returned from Nürnberg, IWA show. I found two Indian companies selling (so called) blackpowder replicas. I talked to the representatives as well, here are the infos I could get:

– the guns are manufactured without the touch holes, so they can be shipped without licenses
– none of the makers take responsibility if somebody modifies them to shoot
– the barrels are NOT proofed
– the steel they using is “very very good, don’t worry don’t blow up” (with the words of the representative) – are you convinced???
– they don’t take responsibility if somebody shoots them, but they say they can shoot. – now this is really not a fair behaviour with the customers!!
– they don’t have recommended load. With the words of the representative: “They only blow if you put too much powder in it, don’t worry…” – are you convinced?
– In the price list the guns are advertised as “decorative guns”

I have to say it was not convincing at all. My concern on this subjects are:
– reenactors says that there is no gas pressure if shooting blanks. I say this is not true as I saw reenactor leaving the ramrod in the bore accidentally and firing it. The pressure in this case is much higher than shooting a ball, or just a wad. And it can happen!!
– some shooters says they tried it with heavy load + ball. Ok, mnaybe it won’t blow with one powder + one ball. But what happens if somebody accidentally loads powder + ball + powder + ball. A good barrel stands this pressure. It will have a bubble for sure, but will not blow, and this is true for the cheapest proofed barrels also. Can the Indian repros do the same?? Ot what happens if you leave an airgap between the ball and powder, or two balls instead of one? Many questions that cannot be answered by the maker, as they don’t test and proof the guns!!!

Here is the video I made:

So take care guys! Mybe these guns don’t blow for the first shot, but never make a mistake in loading…


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