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Final Prices: RIA September 2017 Premier Auction (and what I bought!)

As usual, I have a recap today of the final prices of the guns I filmed form the most recent RIA auction (#71; September 2017). There were a bunch of machine guns in this one, although a variety of other things as well. I had gotten a lot of comments about the potential of my bidding on the Chatellerault light machine gun,…which I was quite tempted to do. However, I only had a budget to bid on one machine gun, and there was one that was more interesting and less common that I bid on instead. That was a Model 1918 Chauchat in .30-06 caliber, and I am quite happy to report that I won it. So once it goes through the NFA transfer process, we will have some very cool footage of it, including an analysis of the problems it originally had, how to fix them, and what the gun is like once fixed. Stay tuned!

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