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Hadar II: A Ban-Era Commercial Galil

Sold for $1,840.

The Hadar II is an Israeli commercial market version of the Galil, chambered for the 7.62 NATO cartridge. Specifically, it is a copy of the Israeli military Galatz marksman’s rifle, which was semiautomatic only and in 7.62mm caliber (as opposed to the standard issue Galil rifles, which were 5.56mm). Only a small number of the Hadar II rifles were imported into the US in 1989, allegedly after legal changes prevented their importation to the intended German commercial market.

Most of the Hadar II parts are identical to 7.62mm Galil parts, including the receiver, fire control group, bolt and bolt carrier assemblies, and gas tube. The stock is obviously different, as are the front sight/gas block assembly and safety (which has had its thumb shelf removed in order to fit under the thumbhole stock). 

Because of the small numbers imported, these Hadar rifles are relatively unknown in the US,and often used as the base for Galatz rifle clones.

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