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Schouboe Prototype .45 Pistols

The Schouboe is best known in the US as one of the pistols that competed in the 1907 Army pistol trials, unsuccessfully. It was designed in Denmark by Jens Schouboe, whose much more notable accomplishment was the Madsen light machine gun. The Schouboe pistol was a simple blowback design chambered in .45 caliber, but used a special cartridge with a lightweight bullet (63 grains; an aluminum-jacketed wooden core) at a high velocity (about 1600fps). This is the reason is was dismissed form the US Army trials, as they wanted a pistol using the .new .45 ACP cartridge (230 grains at 800 fps). I was particularly impressed by the very simple disassembly procedure, which is faster than any modern pistol I can think of. This video includes two different Schouboe pistols; one is a standard example with metal grips (and missing its magazine), and the other is a fancy gold-inlaid example made for the President of Uruguay.

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