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Engraved Colts in RIAC’s December 2013 Premiere Auction

Rock Island Auction Company has 50(!) factory engraved Colts in their December 2013 Premiere Firearms Auction. That’s great news for Colt collectors! What’s even better news is that the 50 engraved Colts are only a fraction of the OVER 600 Colts available in this auction. Almost any Colt imaginable is present: Patersons, long guns, Armys, Navys, squarebacks, all generations of SAA, ivory grips, pearl grips, gold and silver plated, and even a Gatling gun! Colt collectors, you have been put on notice.

Please enjoy this video and Coltseek out YOUR favorites. We have over 2,600 lots full of firearms, collectables, and some wonderful military artifacts.

Our December Auction will take place the 6th-8th, with our Preview Day held on Thursday, December 5th. Preview Day is a entire day set aside to let people inspect and handle any item in the auction. It’s a museum you can touch! Afterwards, we provide hot food, cold drinks, and plenty of gun talk with like-minded collectors. We welcome you to come to whatever days you can. We guarantee you’ll see more than one thing you want to take home!

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