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COLTS – Stunning, Extraordinary, Intriguing, Documented and Rare!

Our December Premiere Firearms Auctions are known for having an outstanding collection of Colts and this December is no different!

Rock Island Auction Company is humbled to have been selected to represent the estate of world renowned dealer and collector Mr. Bobby Smith. The late Mr. Smith, better known simply as “Bobby” was a world class collector and dealer of fine antique firearms and had a particular interest in Colts. Bobby will be remembered by many as one of the all-time greats! It is truly an honor to represent Bobby’s estate collection and offer the collecting community a chance to own a part of his legacy.

Over 900 Colts in this Auction including over 100 First Generation SAA’s, nearly 150 Percussion Arms and accessories, numerous Cavalry SAA’s, Rimfires, Flattops, Pinch Frame, over 20 Bisleys, nearly 50 Colt Woodsmans, and over 100 1911’s & 1911A1’s, the Bobby Smith Estate Collection and Part II of the World Renowned Gateway Collection.

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