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Men of Empire Drink Beer And Talk Gats: Rowan of @dsar9489 and Mike Discuss!

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So Rowan of @dsar9489 was within striking distance of Schloss BotR, so how could Bloke turn down the chance of beers with his Aussie mate when he had nothing else on that weekend? And why not make a discussion vid, with some Patreon questions thrown in there for good measure!

0:00 Introduction and guest introduction: Rowan
7:17 Australian firearm laws and Role of shooting organizations
12:53 Tika T3X Arctic review and comparison with other rifles
28:24 Australian International Arms: what’s the deal?
37:25 Australian-specific Fuddlore: Influence of American magazine and UK NRA on Australia
49:38 Rowan’s upcoming participation in the civilian service rifle imperial – Expectations and preparation
54:50 Challenges of importing certain firearms into Australia and the potential for new firearm designs
59:57 Struggles of running a bolt action rifle effectively and comparing the efficiency of different rifles
1:06:13 Timothy’s question – Why do Indian rifles suck?
1:11:12 Current status of the DSAR channel and closing remarks
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